Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More of the same this week: Saturday afternoon was spent with KP further exploring the duet repertoire; DG and B&P for dinner on Sunday. On Monday JW and I planned an evening at the Nova but unfortunately the film we wanted to see (Nobody knows) was full; we headed to Victoria St where we had a delicious meal at Xiao Ting Box (supremely tender spicy and salty squid) before retiring to watch Desperate housewives.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Bluetooth? No, new tooth

Three cheers for my wonderful dentist, RvC. He has filled my gaping hole tooth and made eating easier and safer. I was in the chair yesterday for about forty-five minutes and left much happier, if somewhat poorer.

Last German class before the break last night; I hadn't been able to track down the new book (mind you, I didn't look very hard) but was able to look on with DrD. Then delicious Indian takeaway with DrD and the Lotus Master - who now has a spanking new digital SLR which is very impressive - before heading home to find a rather cross and cold (and noisy) Pushka waiting to be let in.

Tat should be home today.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Going to pieces

After the arm/numb finger and the lower back problem I now have further proof that I'm falling apart: while eating a scone yesterday I noticed that a large chunk of one of my molars had fallen off. I had part of a front tooth fall off in similar circumstances only a few years ago. Fortunately it's not painful, but my tongue won't leave the gaping hole alone. I was able to get in to see the dentist tomorrow lunchtime, but I have a nasty feeling this exercise is going to be costly.

On a lighter note, last night B&P and I met up for a quick bite (at a rather nice little bar under the hideous Westyn hotel in the City Square) before taking our seats in the Town Hall to hear the Verdi Requiem. It was a great concert: the Stanford Symphony Orchestra with the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic and a great lineup of soloists. Rosamund Illing was fabulous - glorious soft notes way up top - as were the others: Deborah Humble, Rosario La Spina and David Hibbard (last seen in Adelaide as Fafner). Thanks to B for doing the HalfTix shuffle.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

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Well, the birthday week off is just about over. As I said to Mum today, "I don't want to go back to work tomorrow". I even asked if she'd write me a note saying that I should be excused from work as I was having too much fun. She said she would.

Very late to the shops yesterday as B had to race into town to get tickets for P and him to "Marriage of Figaro" last night. In the evening LE came round for dinner; she brought a DVD of Princess Mononoke. Unfortunately all we could hear from the sound track was two of the 5.1 surround tracks which meant we had to watch it with the "English for the hard of hearing" subtitles. This made for a rather bizarre viewing as the sound effects (most of which we could hear) were spelt out: "Grunts", "Whimpers", etc. Still we both enjoyed it and will look out for its appearance at the Astor - we both agreed we'd love to see it on the big screen.

Picked up at sparrows' this morning by NT for the Bach at St John's. Not much for the chorus but we did it rather well. The tenor soloist (same as the last one, I think) was mostly good but in a couple of places where he wasn't sure of the notes was less than pleasant. AR sang well. The band was terrific.

Back to work tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

To P&B's last night for a delicious roast lamb dinner, followed by the most amazing tiramisu cake I've seen for some time. It was scrumptious. The relaxed evening included watching the now almost-unbearably soapy Bill, followed by a stomach-churning piece on Foreign correspondent about the Japanese killing and eating dolphins. As well I got to see B's amazing piles of books for the Premier's literary awards which arrived for him yesterday. Quite a daunting prospect ahead; rather him than me.

This morning I continued my attack on the study - I think I might need a skip to dispose of all the junk. Perhaps I might emulate the great escape and secrete waste paper and other items in my trousers and dispose of them in the park, or on the station. Might make it hard to walk though.

Then to MG's for lunch. It was great catching up with her; afterwards we had a stroll around Reading's where I bought a DVD of Monteverdi's L'Incoronazione di Poppea. I have no self-control.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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The Bach concert was a huge success: great audience (the church was packed) and we all sang like angels. It was a very exciting experience, but in the long run very tiring. It's a huge sing and requires careful management of resources - you've got to have enough left for Singet! at the end. We did the last section as an encore as the audience seemed to want more. A great day.

After a quick nap I got dinner ready for P&B, home from their successful trip to Ubud. There are some pictures on B's blog taken with P's new digital toy (including some very fine ducks). We watched Hitchcock's Family plot which I'd picked up very cheaply at JB - I thought I'd seen it, but perhaps not. I did, however, enjoy it - I've always liked Karen Black and Bruce Dern.

Yesterday I had a play with Barbara - I got there for lunch and we spent the afternoon talking and watching bits of video and DVD. She has a video of a really interesting doco of the San Francisco Opera Ring cycle from the stagehands' point of view. Great fun. Then last night I just flopped in front of the telly finishing the evening with the ever-so-wholesome Oz.

Today is my birthday and the second day of my week's leave. Bliss.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Since I'm having a birthday on Tuesday I have taken a week's leave so I am now officially on holidays. While P&B are back from Ubud they only arrived back this morning so I did the shopping on my own again this morning. This afternoon I made another lamb tagine (like last week's only with apple instead of quince) in case they surface for dinner tonight; if not, it can wait until tomorrow night.

More lovely rain again yesterday and last night. I have finally discovered whether AH's work on my roof all those months ago was effective - it wasn't. Luckily the leak is over the bathroom, but this morning there was water (not a lot, mind you) trickling down the wall. So next week I'll give him a call and see when he can take another look.

I've planned a few events for next week most of which involve meals with friends I've not seen for months. Perhaps I'll also take in a film or two.

Friday, June 10, 2005

And then the rain stopped...

But with luck we'll get more on the weekend. The finger seems to be less numb and the back is improving; so I'm not falling apart after all.

Cake today at work (birthday) and then I'm on leave for a whole week.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rain, glorious rain!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

While the feeling seems to be slowly returning to my finger, I woke up on Monday morning with a bad back. Similar to how it was some years ago and very painful when sneezing, coughing or doing almost anything. The physio had a go at it yesterday and gave me an exercise to do, but it seems just as bad today. I hope it eases up for my week off next week.

Monday's dress rehearsal went off well - Sunday's concert should be good.

The weather continues warm and dry - 21 forecast for today. In June!

"Here's to you, Mrs Robinson" - vale Anne Bancroft.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

As my regular shopping chums are off enjoying themselves in Ubud I got the old shopping jeep out yesterday morning and set off up to Smith Street. The supermarket there is like an old shoe, comfortable for occasional use but looking very shabby; at least the bottle shop there has the Morris' Durif, which the one at Vic Gardens doesn't.

In the afternoon KP came around again for duetting and we worked our way through a Beethoven string quartet arrangement and one by Brahms, as well as a fleeting look at the Ravel Rhapodie espagnole - beautiful, but very difficult.

Then last night, Tat and I went to the Wilkes/Summerbell joint celebration - we ended up singing a topical catch written for the occasion by RP, which was well received getting laughs I wasn't aware were there.

To Mum's as usual this morning. After lunch I introduced her to the mysteries of the new Sudoku puzzles appearing in The Age (and almost everywhere else). Stopped off at Vic Gardens on my way home seeking quinces, but settled for ice-cream. DG is coming to dinner tonight.

On my way home I got a call from work to say that Sydney operations have had a severe meltdown: JW went home early and I recommended that LJ be called and asked to come in a bit later. One of the major drawbacks of centralised systems - Sydney goes down and we all suffer. The last I heard they were hoping for a return to service around 5pm.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Saturday night's Gombert concert went off really well -- the choir sounded fabulous in the first half, in particular the English anthems were glorious. At the end of the Lamentations all the extras rose from the audience to join the rest of the choir to sing Spem. It went without hitch and was a very satisfying experience. Everyone wanted to do it again, except for JOD.

I cooked lunch for Mum at her place on Sunday; I bought some frozen raspberries which I took along for dessert which were delicious. Monday's Gloriana rehearsal went well; to my great relief PC has joined the first tenors and made a huge difference. It make the whole thing much less work for me having him on the line as well.

To dinner at P&B's last night, then I joined them this morning at the Nova to see a really interesting and satisfying film, Walk on water.