Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Busy bee

I've been busy. Sorry. Work has kept me out of mischief, even away from our dress rehearsal on Monday evening. But we're well ready for the weekend's concerts, so I wasn't too concerned.

I worked on Saturday evening and went to Mum's on Sunday before cooking dinner (Thai-style curry and apple and rhubarb surprise) for B&P. On Monday evening I had to fill in at work to cover someone off sick, thus missing the rehearsal.

Tuesday evening was dinner chez B&P: roast lamb and home-made ice-cream (separately, of course). Then this morning I went back to see the orthopaedic surgeon - yes, the finger is still numb. He wants to see me in three months; more watchful neglect.

Thanks to all who responded to my cat pics, except of course the person who threatened to kidnap her if I didn't behave myself. The nerve!

By the way, anyone in Melbourne wanting to come to one of the wonderful Gloriana concerts on the weekend should probably come to Saturday evening's (at Trinity College Chapel) as I think Sunday is booking out rather fast. Anyone not in Melbourne will have to put their skates on to get here in time.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sense of direction

With the rosters as they are at the moment I usually end up catching a cab home once a week. Most drivers have at least a vague idea where Abbotsford ("gosh, where's that?") is, though I have had one almost turn right at Hoddle Street. Tonight's driver, however, didn't even know where Hoddle Street was; he was about to turn right the street before.

Now I don't expect our taxi drivers to undergo the stringent testing that the London cabbies do, but I think they should possess a basic knowledge of suburbs and main thoroughfares. Perhaps it's too much for them to understand the intricacies of such places as Eaglemont (we had an unfortunate experience with a very confused cabby last year navigating this area) but at least knowing which direction to set off in would be useful (not heading towards North Melbourne instead of Abbotsford).

Friday, August 26, 2005

Cats I know

This is Felix ...

... and Dr Watson from Hawthorn ...

... and this is my cat Pushka.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I had a late start today so I decided to get in a walk before work. The weather was nothing spectacular, but good for walking so I set off and walked to Queen's Parade where I caught a tram into town. Then I decided I'd have a look around the Docklands development. It is certainly extensive, though I'm not sure I would want to live there. There's a lot still to be done, apart from the station, but some of the completed buildings are interesting, such as the NAB HQ; it's nice to see some splashes of colour on a new building.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Day off

Because I'm working on Saturday I had today free so I arranged to have lunch with MG. Being in the area I bought some more of the gold-plated cat food for Pushka as she likes it so much. Then, after lunch, we went for a nice wander round Readings where I probably spent too much on CDs I probably don't really need. But it has been a lovely day, topped off by dinner at B&P's.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sometime over the last few day's I've had my 5000th visitor to this blog. Thank you to my few regulars, and to anyone who has stumbled onto it by accident.

Catch up

I've been pretty busy over the last week. Tuesday's rehearsal was shifted to Thursday night as JOD wasn't well; this meant I had to leave German a bit early. Then Friday night was the Daffodil Day concert at St Mary's West Melbourne. It was a cold, wet night so the audience was small; we did the Victoria Requiem and joined in the In paradisum from the Faure.

Saturday morning's rehearsal was moved here as the Melba people had forgotten that their hall wasn't available. Shopped in the afternoon then had P&B for dinner. This morning Tat came here and we took the train into Flinders Street and walked around to the NGV. We sang in front of the Tiepolo (unfortunately we didn't get to look at it while we sang) and it all went off pretty well.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wagner at Fed Square?

Today I met DG in town and held his hand (metaphorically, of course) while he bought a digital camera. Business transaction finalised, we then had lunch in Hardward Lane (hasn't that changed?) and then wandered down to Federation Square where we had a nice wander around the galleries.

I had some fun taking pictures of the building. We both thought this would make a great stage setting - Tristan comes to my mind.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Had to laugh tonight at Dead ringers' version of Marple as directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

With P&B off to Brisbane I did the shopping on my own yesterday; Smith Street hasn't changed much. A bit of gardening in the afternoon before BN arrived for dinner. We watched Doctor Who before settling down for much chatting and playing with Google Earth. Her trip sounds great: LA, Vancouver, through the Rockies by train, time in Chicago, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Boston, conference in Cape Cod, then time in Britain before returning in November.

To Mum's for lunch today as normal; afternoon nap before going out to dinner with DG and D&J N.

A busy week coming up: rehearsal, rehearsal, work, German, concert, rehearsal, concert - which brings us back to Sunday again.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Working a split shift again today; it's the last one (I hope) as I've been training a new chum. I got in around 8 (early for a change) and left around 11. I hadn't planned anything in particular but on the suggestion of a work colleague I took myself off to the Dutch Masters exhibition at the NGV.

It wasn't too crowded and I had a nice leisurely amble through the rooms. I especially liked the glass and silverware displayed to match items in some of the paintings; in one case it was the very salt-cellar made by the subject.

Afterwards I strolled around to the Dürer show. These 500-year-old prints I find amazingly satisfying; many of them contain images I've been aware of forever (it seems), in particular the wonderful, if totally wrong, rhinoceros. I went upstairs to see the extraordinary arch of honour made of printed pages he did for Maximiliam I. Gloriously bizarre.

A very satisfying day.
OK, so what I actually meant was that I'm coming up to my 5000th blog visit. I certainly don't think 5000 different people have accessed this site. But some regular visitors have been faithful and bumped up the site meter. Thanks.

Monday, August 08, 2005

5,000 hits later

I'm heading towards my 5,000th blog visitor. I'd like to be able to offer a prize for the lucky person, but it's not going to happen.

Yesterday I took the new toy to Mum's and showed her some of the pictures I took on last year's trip. Then back home where I finished off dinner for P&B name for beef casserole followed by yet another tarte tatin. Will finish off the leftovers with Tat tonight before heading off to rehearsal. As there wasn't much on the teev we watched Dr D's Broadway musical DVD which had a rather entertaining performance of Life upon the wicked stage (from Showboat) done à la Cabaret. And of course, the wonderful Elaine Stritch singing The ladies who lunch.

Have managed to score another Gombert gig - this time at the NGV; rehearsals next week.

Friday, August 05, 2005

AFE sighting

On my way to German last night I'm sure I saw Agent Fare Evader crossing Flinders Street at Elizabeth Street. His blog pics (especially the current one) don't do him justice.

As Michiko is off for a couple of weeks we had a replacement teacher, Birgit, last night who took us through some catch up exercises on adjectives and cases. I didn't get many right, but the exercise at least made me aware of what I need to look at again, and again...

Then to Dr D's for Indian takeaway, but alas, still no Bronsky und Bernstein. Just bloody cricket. Meh.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


It's cold and wet and my legs got soaked on the station this morning because I wasn't quite under the shelter I thought I was. But it's rain and it's lovely.

Now all I have to do is some serious work in the newly invigorated garden (by the rain, I mean).

Meanwhile the new toy is proving to be very handy and great fun. And isn't that what toys are supposed to be?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dinner with DG and B&P on Sunday night: Stephanie's sweet and sour lamb; very delicious. Also tried another tarte tatin, but it needed a little more caramelisation. Better luck next time - I've still got the rest of the sheets of pastry to work through.

Work's been a bit busy as I worked a split shift yesterday (and again today) to train a new chum in data enhancement. It's worth the hassle in the long run. Last night was BS's last shift so we had cake and card to send him on his way to China.

Weather has been glorious the last couple of days, but a change tonight will give us some cold and wet for the next few days. Well, it is winter after all. According to Dr D German will slow down a bit: no more of Themen Neu 2 will be covered this year. The rest of the semester will be spent consolidating what we've already done. That's fine by me - I might actually get the prepositions and adjectives imprinted on my feeble brain.