Friday, March 30, 2007

Odds and sods

It's been a funny old week; not having had a proper weekend and then working on Tuesday instead of Wednesday evening has completely upset my sense of time. All day Wednesday I was convinced it was Thursday.

On the train home from German last night I noticed a couple of guys sitting by the window - I suddenly realised I knew one of them from thirty years ago. AK was a friend of AJ's and he came to stay with me in London before a trip to Holland to visit his father - I think I've got a picture of him somewhere. I haven't thought about him for years - he's not looking too bad.

This morning DT came to cut back my roses; this was in response to a letter I got from the council requiring me to cut back vegetation hanging over the fence. This is the second time I've had one of these and I assume they're referring to Albertine hanging over into the back lane. It's a bit early for the roses, but I figure the weather has been so crazy that if the roses have survived the drought, they'll survive an early haircut.

And tonight I stumbled on the ValuesAustralia (All the Information Permitted*) website. The name might suggest that it's what it's not; it's taking a firm stance against the Howard government and its close ties to the US. There are odd links to videos of The Daily Show and the main posting currently concerns a letter the website owners received from the government claiming they were in breach of several laws. The ValuesAustralia man systematically, and amusingly, points out the absurdities of the government's letter. Check out the site's coat of arms and try to imagine how anyone could seriously mistake it for Australia's.

* under Part 5.3 and Division 72 of the Criminal Code

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good start to the season

Sunday's Gloriana concert was positively reveiwed by Clive O'Connell in The Age today, though it's obvious he's not a fan of Gorecki. Gosh, I didn't realise that in the Brumel I was working "through some labyrinthine pages of closely argued polyphony", I just thought I was having fun.

Last night was spent propped in front of the teev sorting through the bits and bobs I need to take to the accountant this morning. It was a glorious day (as you all know, I love Autumn) and I took my time coming back from East St Kilda (not far from where we all lived so many years ago), window shopping in the furniture shops in Church Street for a new sofa to buy with my larger-than-expected tax return (when I get it).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Clear headed

Yesterday's concert went off very well - luckily my stuffed-up head cleared and I was able to sing easily. There was a reasonably sized, and very appreciative, audience including B and RJ, and BL from work.

The Gorecki, which is very hard work maintaining the stamina and keeping the piece balanced, went off particularly well; almost enough to make me like it.

Last night I went to B's for dinner (leek and potato soup, shepherd's pie and home-made ice cream) which was handy as I wasn't able to do any shopping on Saturday. We watched the first part of Rossini's La donna del lago one of the operas in his bargain La Scala box. Great singing in a rather conventional production - Rockwell Blake was wearing what looked like a pheasant on his head!

I worked early today and managed to drop in at the Safeway on the way home to get some provisions. Tonight I'm spending quietly in front of the teev preparing all the bits and pieces to take to the tax accountant in the morning.

The weather has been glorious over the last couple of days - wonderful Melbourne autumn weather. It should last for a couple more days.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stuffed up

Not much to report over the last week - rehearsal on Monday night (it's a bit late, but if you're not doing anything tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, March 25) don't forget to come and listen to us) then a delicious meal at B's on Tuesday evening.

I had Thursday off this week as I had to work today - I managed to sort through some of the mess on the kitchen bench and find important papers to do my tax return next week. Then it was off to town for German class after dinner with Dr D.

Over the last day or so I've become completely stuffed up; I'm not sure if it's a head cold or sinusitis or hay fever - I only know it's rotten. Luckily my throat/voice seems untouched - so far.

B came for dinner last night; we ate and drank and vegged out in front of the teev. P seems to be having a good time in Bris Vegas - I think he has another week.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome home laptop

The laptop returned from hospital last week after having a motherboard transplant (bad motherboard!, naughty motherboard!), and although it was working it wasn't finding my wireless network, nor any of the local networks.

I fiddled around, called Dr D and asked one of the comms guys at work but nothing seemed to work. The device manager said all the bits were operative but ... nothing.

When I finally got to speak to the support guys I was directed to try hitting Function-F2, and surprise, surprise, it worked. It seems many laptops have a toggle for the wireless function, and obviously the new motherboard was set to Off.

In other news RP came for dinner tonight; it was nice to catch up. He's promised to have a look at the spaghetti junction behind my electronic equipment which he is sure is causing much of my hum problem. He certainly knows more about it than I do.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

And the winner is ...

... Anthony, who kindly posted a comment with the information that the song (Have I stayed) too long at the fair was written by Billy Barnes.

Many thanks to you, Anthony, a prize (albeit (very) small) will be winging its way to you very soon (or not).
I suppose I should be concerned that I (a librarian with over 30 years (count them) experience) was unable to find the answer but it's mostly done with smoke and mirrors anyway and delegation is a valid research tool. (Well, it is now.)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

30 years (the real one)

Although we celebrated a while ago today is actually my 30th anniversary at work.

On another tack if anyone knows who wrote the song Have I stayed too long at the fair? could they please leave a message in the comments.

Thank you and goodnight.

More food

Saturday was shopping as usual though we did tack on a visit to Smith Street as P needed some dried kidney beans and the Vic Gardens supermarket doesn't seem to stock dried beans/pulses any more.

After a successful run through Safeway we decided to try a new place for lunch. We sat up the back and ordered. The food was different and good. At one stage a man (passing by on the way to the loo - he didn't make a special trip) asked me where I'd got my T-shirt* ("This was supposed to be the future") and said how much he admired it. Fancy that, I'm a fashion plate!

When we arrived I'd noticed that sitting with friends in one of the alcoves was MsFits, whose blog I read - as we were leaving I manage to speak to her and tell her how much I enjoy reading her blog and welcomed her to Collingwood. When I said I lived in Abbotsford, she asked, "Oh, near the dead body?"

Sunday was lunch at Mum's - she'd had a lunch at the pub with her friends on Saturday and is going again for her birthday in a fortnight.

On Monday, Tat came for dinner before Gloriana rehearsal - she had a good time in Tasmania and has had a bit of sun; she's looking very well. At rehearsal we spent some time on the Gorecki (such a hard slog), the Clare Maclean and the Brumel. It's all falling together and promises to be a good concert.

Last night I went to P&B's for dinner - entree of past with home-made pesto, then lovely roast rolled pork with roast veg and some of P's baked beans. This delicious repast was topped off with a medly of icecreams - strawberry, and blueberry and blackberry. We are spoilt.


Friday, March 02, 2007


My favourite season has arrived, although today was 29 and they've forecast 36 for tomorrow. But it looks as if there's some rain coming too.

This week the council installed an underground watering system for the plane trees in the park opposite; I hope it's not too late. The trees have been under obvious stress for some time, losing their leaves prematurely.

No real news to report: P&B came for dinner on Tuesday evening and I went for my regular pre-German dinner with D last night. Working tonight and shopping tomorrow before visiting Mum on Sunday. IP has gone to the Grampians with SP so G&DH were coming down today to take Mum shopping.