Thursday, July 31, 2003

Went to see the doctor last night to get my blood test results - the outcome is that I'm back on the Lipitor. The cholesterol levels are up on the last ones; we both put it down to seasonal variation, ie less activity and higher animal fat intake (warming casseroles, etc) in colder weather. And despite my efforts even on my good days I still didn't get the levels down to acceptable figures. As well, the Beconase seems finally to be having some effect - I'm sure I'm smelling things that a few weeks ago I wouldn't have noticed. Will stick to it for the full six month period.

It seems that the Gombert fund-raiser is to raise money for their overseas tour. I'm very glad to sing in the concerts, but it might have been nice to know what the cause was.

Mum rang last night to let me know that Solveig senior's death notice was in yesterday's paper. Unfortunately we don't have Ian's mobile number so can't contact him to let him know.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Over a week since my last blog - and of course I can't remember what I've been doing. Back to Gloriana last night which was great -- I didn't think I wanted to sing the Duruflé Requiem again, but after a bit of rehearsing I've changed my mind. Also the Scarlatti Stabat Mater, which is new to me, but is fun - four soprano lines and double everything else. Has some very beautiful parts.

Fiona S drove me home last night (rehearsals are still at North Melbourne) and gave me a handful of fliers for the Gombert fund-raising concerts.

BS starts radiotherapy next week, and I think some chemo as well.

DG and DE are off to a gift-fair on the weekend for Elliot Golightly wares.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Working the 3-11 shift tonight - up early and took myself off to the Health Centre to leave a sample of my blood for the regular 6-monthly cholesterol et al tests. Also picked up a new bottle of Beconase(?). Not sure if it's working; I get occasional whiffs of things, but certainly not back to my previous sensitive nose. Walked up to Queen's Parade where I had a leisurely breakfast, read the paper and had a coffee.

Around lunchtime Bryan arrived and we did a spot of gardening - just the weather for it: sun was shining brightly. He's found me a Cecile Brunner climber which I think we'll grow over the shed -- he'll also get me a Golden Delicious to go against Monica's wall.

Into to town before work and bought Kate's present. On Deb's advice I got her a nurse's watch - typically I bought the first one I saw, but I think it's OK. Hope she likes it. Also got a couple of cards for her and Jim.

B&P for dinner tomorrow night - will I do the tomato and anchovy risotto or something more complicated?

Monday, July 14, 2003

What a treat on Saturday afternoon to see Rameau's Platée on SBS. I only wish now that I'd taped it all as I can't see that it's available on VHS or DVD. The production was delightful and the performances superb, especially La Folie. What a hoot!

To P&B's for dinner on Sat evening and the obligatory Bill watching - it really is getting very soapy; but we all still watch it. I'm waiting for the rumpy-pumpy with Craig and Luke.

Sunday afternoon I made the lamb tagine from the Luke Manga Winter food mag - truly delicious with preserved lemons, olives and a great mix of spices. Was well received, too. Instead of telly (only "Goodbye Mr Chips ) we watched my DVD of "Brazil". I have no idea of Bruce's reaction, but Peter seemed to enjoy it. It is a bit long, I suppose, but I really do enjoy it.

Sarah back from leave today, and Susan away for the week, camping at Mildura. Hope the weather treats her well.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

MSO concert last night with Margaret and Dick - dinner first at Southgate. Ended up at Rhumba's because we couldn't find a table anywhere else, not that it was bad - had a nice pumpkin and roast capsicum risotto. The soloist for the Sibelius was ill so we had a local boy (Kristian Winther) who took the gig at a couple of day's notice. He looked about 12 (was 18) and was very nervous - his ears were bright red. He made a good fist of it; the first two movements were fine, but there was some uneasiness in the last movement. At times he and the orchestra were not together and, for me at least, there was an air of discomfort.

After interval we heard the first symphony of Walton; I'm glad I heard it but it didn't set me on a search for more. As Act 3 we had a piece by Australian composer George Lentz (rhymes with Stenz) - strings, brass, percussion and two oboes (in the choir stalls). An almost pointillist piece inspired by the outback night sky and linked with Aboriginal myths it was very beautiful and strange. A great end to the evening.

Got an email from JOD asking me to sing in a couple of EG fund-raising concerts and a mass at St Pat's (most likely also a money-making gig). Said yes - doesn't clash with anything else.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Last night Tony R came round for dinner and a bit of a play on his flute (with piano accompaniment, of course). He's looking to get a job in the states as he's got a new boyfriend who lives in Washington, DC. I hope he has some success with what is possibly a very difficult thing to pull off.

We had a bit of a play through one of the books he's used for ages -- we both need a bit of practice.

Lorraine seems to be recuperating well - I called her last night for a quick chat.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Yesterday shopping as usual with P&B. After lunch I checked to see what SBS had on its Saturday Arts program - it was a production of "Ariadne auf Naxos" from Dresden so I sat down to watch until David arrived. Just before "Es gibt ein Reich" suddenly we were in a very loud and annoying ad, with no warning, no fade-out. I tried to call SBS, but the number I had was old - I will try to call on Monday to complain.

David arrived at 2 (had no sympathy for my woes) and we went to the Museum to see the Dinosau Designs retrospective exhibition. They have produced an extraordinary range of designs; I was previously only aware of the resin jewellery like Lorraine's. David is less than impressed with the Museum, says it's a bit too concerned with the building than the contents; I have to confess he has a point.

P&B for dinner - chicken cacciatore from Sunday Life. After the Bill we watched "Withnail and I" which they both enjoyed.

At Mum's I planted the Pierre de Ronsard rose I bought for her months ago. I hope it does well where I've put it, and outgrows the existing climber.

Friday, July 04, 2003

For a laugh go to Google and type in weapons of mass destruction then click on I'm Feeling Lucky, then have a giggle.
Yesterday's funeral was hard - it's hard enough singing when you don't know the deceased, but when you do, it's very difficult to keep the voice functioning. We sang Berlioz's "Shepherd's farewell", a psalm, Purcell's "Hear my pray-er" (as it is written), a few hymns and a Russian contaktion (?). Anyhow I got through it - although I had to laugh when I saw I was singing next to Robert P (we don't speak). Barbara T was there and giggled about this too; afterwards she drove me into town, dropping me off in Nicholson St so I could drop in to see Lorraine E at St Vincent's. She's signing things today.

Lorraine was sitting up in bed in her lovely dalmatian-spotted pyjamas. Everything seemed to go OK and she's hoping to be home some time today. I said that we would get anything she needed tomorrow when we shop.

Then last night Jim W came around and we went to Bhoj for dinner - my thank-you to him for his work on the new computer. The food was just as good as last time and the service was better. I still find the place a bit cold for my liking, though no-one else seemed to mind. Perhaps I should wear more clothes.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Last night's service went off well - angels and archangels and all the company of heaven were there: archbishop plus assorted other clerical bigwigs. Howells and Elgar went well, but, boy, the hymns went on forever!

Working evening shift tonight. This morning Sally W and Margaret G came for coffee - it was lovely catching up with Sally. She had some interesting tales of her time spent in China; she brought me a present of a CD of Chinese music wrapped in some paper she had decorated herself. She's taken up Chinese painting and, judging by the wrapping paper, is pretty damn good at it.

I finally tracked T down this afternoon. She's been lying low, but has finally made contact with a solicitor - the buyer is still interested. All the papers should be signed soon. Let her know about tomorrow's funeral - think she will probably come.

Email from Bruce saying that his computer broke down -- hard drive crashed. Has been fixed (replaced) now. He was lucky he wasn't in the middle of a project - turns out not to have lost anything vital except all his emails and addresses. Has suggested Saturday matinee (12 July) for "Kiss Me Kate".

I must try to keep this up -- it means I've got a record, even if no-one else ever sees it.