Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All about my mother

Unfortunately Mum's in Cabrini at the moment. When I rang her this morning to remind her about her doctor's appointment today she said that she was "on the floor". She hadn't pressed her emergency button so I got her to do it and said I'd be there as soon as possible.

Of course it would be the day the cab drivers were having a sit-down protest in the city, but luckily I got a cab fairly quickly and when I got to Mum's her neighbours had got her up and into her chair. She was in quite a bit of pain so I called 000 for an ambulance. The ambos were terrific and we got her to Cabrini fairly quickly. She spent most of the day in emergency before being admitted to a bed.She's very badly bruised and the doctor was keen to get her pain under control. Bro and I went back to her place to get a few things and, as he had to race off to do a few things, I stayed with Mum. Then I realised I hadn't brought her medications so I trotted off again to get them. When I got back she was having her tea and looking quite a bit brighter.

Bro, sis and I are now facing some serious decisions about where she goes when she comes out of hospital; we don't know how long she's going to be there so will have to decide quickly. Sis is comng down tomorrow though I probably won't see her as I won't get there until after work.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More on Mum, and a concert

Mum had a visit last week from the aged care assessment people (or, rather, person) and she's going to organise a district nurse to come daily to administer her medications as this is one of the things she's been forgetting. There are a few other things to come as well including a rail by the front door, and probably one in the toilet as well.

On Wednesday I'm off to the doctor with Mum to get the results of the CAT scan.

Last Thursday B&P and I met and had a quick, but tasty, meal at Chillipadi in town (I had a tasty Nasi lemak) before making our way to Melba Hall for a free recital given by Rosamund Illing, with Dean Sky-Lucas on piano and Craig Hill on clarinet. The program was mixed, ranging from Purcell and Mozart to Poulenc and Obradors with some Strauss and Duparc on the way. The concert ended with Schubert's glorious Shepherd on the Rock.

It was a wonderful night; it was great to be able to relax in the knowledge that you were listening to a real artist at work (or should I say artists - Dean Sky Lucas' playing of what I know to be some extremely difficult accompaniments was accurate and sensitive). Illing's voice is well controlled with an amazing dynamic range, from whisper soft to full bore; she certainly had no problems filling Melba Hall. I think the French and Spanish songs were the best (though her coquettishness in the Obradors was just a little much), the Schubert not quite coming up to quite the same level for me. A very enjoyable evening.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Art and music

Last Sunday's Gloriana concert went off well, though unfortunately there was no review published. It was a glorious day and an almost full church to hear us sing our all-Italian program. The Pizzetti (which we think was a Melbourne premiere) went well - it's an interesting setting and certainly shouldn't be ignored the way it has been.

Next weekend we're off to Hamilton to sing in their Promenade of sacred music. We're singing the Vivaldi Gloria and Bach's Singet dem Herrn; then on Sunday morning those of us staying over will sing at a local church for their morning service.

During the week I took Mum to see her doctor. I told him we were a bit concerned about her short-term memory. He gave her a memory test which she didn't do so well in, and he decided that he'd do a couple of tests, including a CAT scan, to see if she's had a small stroke. I went to visit today and she seemed a bit more like her old self, which was encouraging.

Yesterday was P's birthday so he, LE, B and I went to Heide for a celebratory lunch; and afterwards to see the wonderful Rick Amor exhibition. It was a thoroughly wonderful afternoon and there are some photos below.

Photographic frenzy

L, P and B.
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Heide visit

P with cow.
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Heide visit

The rings of Saturn by Inge King, at Heide.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Two anniversaries

Back to work last week after a wonderful Easter in Newstead - it was almost as if I'd never been away.

I worked on Saturday and went to Mum's on Sunday as she is now back home after her little holiday in Kyneton.

Dress rehearsal last night for the Gloriana concert on Sunday (don't forget to come) went well.

Tonight I went to the Commoner with LE and P&B for a delicious dinner of roast suckling pig cooked in their new wood-fired oven - it was the restaurant's first birthday and also P&B's 30th anniversary. After the delicious pig we shared three yummy desserts - a lovely way to celebrate two anniversaries.