Saturday, November 29, 2008

I wish I could do this

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hospital news

Mum is still in hospital but has brightened up considerably. According to the nurse I spoke to today the doctor is suggesting Mum spends some time in rehab (like last time). But after that, what? I suppose it's more "wait and see".


Sunday, November 23, 2008

News of Peg

Mum has had a bad week and is currently in the Freemasons' Hospital. She's had some back pain caused by a crushed vertebrae and perhaps because of this had a fall on Friday morning. I got there just as the ambulance crew arrived. They got her up off the floor and after assessing her decided she was OK to stay at home. I stayed on for a while, giving her lunch before I left.

Just before midnight I had a call from her neighbour John saying that she'd had another fall; this time she had managed to remember to press her emergency button. When John called Mum was just being put into the ambulance - he told me that as Cabrini was closed they were taking her to the Epworth.

On Saturday I got up early and headed off to the Epworth. Mum was still in the emergency department, but after a quick visit to the X-ray department she was put into an ambulance and we drove to the Freemasons' where she was admitted.

I dropped in twice today and she's looking much brighter, though she has spent the last two days in bed. The doctor, who I saw yesterday and this morning, was talking about getting her to sit up for a few hours, but it doesn't seem that her passed this on to the nursing staff. Perhaps tomorrow. She's fairly bright, but cross with herself for having the falls and a bit anxious about what will happen to her - as are we.

More news as it happens.

Last night I met up with DG and we went to see Otello at the State Theatre. It's an interesting work and the performance seemed OK, but I don't really think my mind was on it. Although the Willow song was pretty amazing, though whether it was the performance or just because it's a terrific piece of writing I'm not sure.

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Monday, November 10, 2008


I've just started two weeks leave - today I zipped into town and picked up a book I'd ordered from Readers Feast and bought some new shoes, so I'm not wasting my time. Why, this afternoon I even got the vacuum out and did a bit of housework. Wonders will never cease!

Last night I went for dinner at LE's - it was arranged as a thank you to AB who helped her re-installing the operating system on her iMac. He and MM and I enjoyed a very tasty meal of almond soup, spanish braised lamb and almond and quince tart. Splendid.