Sunday, May 17, 2009


At last we´ve arrived in Madrid. I´m not going to cover everywhere we´ve been yet as I think I´ll to sit and think about it all and arrange some pictures too. But this morning we spent at El Escorial and were surprised at the quality of the art work, some amazing Bosch pictures I didn´t know and lots of Titian and Tintoretto ... oh and lots of dead Spanish kings and queens, too, in the mausoleum.

Finding our way to the drop-off point for the car this afternoon was a bit stressful, but we finally made it and are now safely ensconced in our hotel. P&B are well, as am I, if a little sunburnt.

I probably won´t blog properly until I get home, so don´t all hold your collective breath.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dinan - Hello and goodbye

The flight was painless, except for the lack of serious sleep. I made my connection at CDG onto the train for Rennes with time to spare and changed there for Dinan. When I arrived P&B were waiting and whisked me off to the house where PM was waiting as well.

Yesterday we took a trip to visit Mont St Michel which is truly an amazing place, if a little over-endowed with very tacky souvenir and food places. I will post pictures after I get back, but I would recommend a visit to anyone who is visiting the region.

Last night we had a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant; I started with duck breast stuffed with foie gras; followed by salmon tarte and finishing with passionfruit mousse. P&B shared an enormous seafood platter followed by half a lobster each. We were all well fed-up.

Today we packed up and I'm writing this while the boys drop PM at Dinan station. They'll pick me up and we will set off for Rennes where we'll catch a train to Paris.

Having a wonderful time, wish you all were here.

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