Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peg settles in

It's been a fortnight now and Mum seems to be settling in to the Good Shepherd. I try to drop in every couple of days or so and B has been visiting as well. Last Saturday I borrowed a wheel chair and took her for a spin throught the convent grounds; the weather was glorious and I think she really appreciated it.

On the last two Monday evenings I have visited LE to help her eat up leftovers from dinner parties she's held. The food has been very delicious including a most wonderful almond, aioli and grape granita soup (!) and very tasty mango and pineapple icypoles with lemongrass for sticks. Yum.

P cooked a very nice Stephanie's roast chicken last night followed by a surprise Peach Melba. Yes, friends, I do eat well.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

News on Peg

Mum moved into the Good Shepherd nursing home yesterday. It's not a bad place and the staff I've met seem really nice.  Mum's not too happy about it at the moment, but I'm hoping that she will learn the layout and get used to the new routines before too long. 

The best thing is that it's so close and I'll be able to drop in very easily. I ran into B there this morning - he was dropping in to say hi to Mum and said he'll try to visit when he can, which is terrific.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

New neighbour

Well, the news is good - Mum will be moving to the Good Shepherd nursing home next to the Convent, just a hop, skip and a jump away. Practically opposite B&P's in fact.

I'm still ploughing through all the paperwork for DVA and have to provide an abbreviated version for the Good Shepherd people; I'll be glad when all that's done and we can just settle down. It will be great to have her so close; so much easier to visit than at East Malvern.

Not much other news as I've been slightly understandably distracted.

A happy new year to everyone (you know who you are). Let's hope 2009 is a little better.