Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's been a while

In March I completed the four-week training course for programmers and presenters run by 3MBS. After creating a demonstration disc I was then buddied-up with JB. This meant over a few weeks I pannelled, and eventually presented, Monday's Concert Hall program. JB signed off on me, which means I then had to do the same thing on a flow program.

So this morning I was at the station before 6am to operate the panel for NA who presents Thursday's Daybreak program, 6-9am. There was a slight problem when NA realised he'd left the discs we needed for the second two hours at home - he had to go into the library to collect CDs to use.

The first hour was fine as we had all the discs we needed. NA did an amazing job putting a program together on the spot; one day perhaps I'll be able to do the same without too much stress.

The shift passed without any other problems; I messed only once, when I forgot to bring up NA's microphone for him to talk ... but it was only momentary.

Next week I should be presenting the whole program on my own. As well, I've been asked to program and present the Music for Keyboards program on Wedneday, June 20 - it's an hour long and I don't think I'll have too much trouble putting a program together.