Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home is the hunter... er, librarian

Sorry, I've been away. On holiday in far north Queensland.

More on that later - perhaps tomorrow.

While I was away I found out I'd won a new laptop by filling in a feedback questionnaire for the IT department at work. The nice part was that the SMS telling me I'd won arrived on my birthday.

The other piece of news I received while I was away was that Mum had gone into the Freemasons' Hospital. She'd had a fall at home and spent the night on the floor, unable to get up or reach the phone. She's OK - no bones broken, she's just a bit bruised. She's still in hospital but will be going up to my sister's in the country for a while on Thursday. The doctor is very pleased with her progress.

I flew back from Cairns on Saturday and after a quick visit to Mum I went to see P&B who very kindly fed me.

Sunday was a bit odd as I didn't go to Mum's for lunch, instead going to visit her in hospital in the afternoon. IP and G&DH were there; I think it was the first time we'd all been together for some years. SP came around in the evening to collect his stuff and ended up staying for a bottom-of-the-fridge risotto.

Monday morning saw my return to work - it was a bit hectic as there weren't too many people there, but it did help the day pass quickly. While I was keen to take possession of my new toy, the IT people wanted a picture of me getting it but couldn't put their hands on a camera so I ended up getting it today.

After work I raced home with the laptop-in-a-box before racing out again to visit Mum. She was sitting up doing a crossword when I got there and was very chirpy. Tonight I spent some time getting acquainted with the new machine (named Keikobad after an unseen character in Die Frau ohne Schatten) and setting it up how I want it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dixit dominus - part I

Recording is a very tedious business, but not without its positives - you do get to know a work really well.

Last night's first session of recording Handel's Dixit dominus went off well, despite a couple of singers recovering from nasty colds. We worked, little by little, through a number of tracks to the satisfaction of B, the producer, who was very demanding (which is her job). The orchestra is sounding really good, despite JOD's speedy tempi, and the choir is responding to their lead. One of the benefits of this intensive work is that Saturday's performance will be a virtual walk in the park for the choir.

Tonight they are recording the soloists, which has worked out conveniently for me as I'm working. Then tomorrow night we have to get everything else done, a task I find a little daunting as, although we've done the first chorus, we still are faced with the fairly scary final chorus.

Unfortunately the chapel we are recording in is decidedly chilly, so we need to rug up. But at least the strings retain their tune a little longer.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bach down, on to Handel

This morning's B minor mass Credo went off very well. The soloists sang well, particularly the bass (well, really a baritone), though the alto was interesting too. The choruses were certainly better for me the second time through (we rehearse before the service) - it's always hard to get properly warmed up so early in the morning.

This afternoon SP came around to discuss details for his moving in next weekend. He's looking forward to it; he's currently staying in Carlton and after his sojourn here will be moving to Richmond.

Tonight was a delicious-as-usual roast pork dinner at P&B's while we watched the usual Sunday night fare.

This week is all work and singing. We rehearse with the orchestra tomorrow and record on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm really looking forward to it.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The last week has flown with rehearsals and work and German in the evenings and mostly work during the day.

The exception was Thursday, which I had off because I'm at work today (Saturday). I managed finally to catch up with DC - we've been trying for weeks but something kept going wrong. We strolled down to the Convent and had a pleasant lunch in the cafe. It was great to hear how he's enjoying his retirement - it gives me ideas.

This morning we shopped as usual and I came into town a little early to get a 1Gb compact flash card for the camera. I also popped into Discurio and found a DVD of Offenbach's La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein; it's from the Châtelet in Paris with Felicity Lott and Yann Beuron who I have in a very enjoyable Belle Hélène so I couldn't resist. Marc Minkowsky conducts. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Tomorrow we have an early start at St John's for the Credo of the B minor mass. I was a bit disappointed last night by the attitude of some of the young players in the orchestra who seemed mightly amused by the efforts of us in the choir. MvP was a bit scratchy too, but he's full of a nasty cold.

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