Saturday, April 09, 2011

Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do

'Twas on a Monday morning the painters came to stain ...

... the new door which was hung last week - and the builder returned to fit the new striker-plate he had found - so I now have a matching (well almost) pair of back doors. It only took about two months. On the plus side, yesterday I had a call from the repair company to make sure it was all completed to my satisfaction.

On Wednesday morning DT came to do an Autumn clear out in the garden - he arrived around 8am and we had a talk about what needed doing before I headed off for 3MBS.

Thursday morning was catching up with TM who came to tune the piano - it had been a couple of years since its last tuning. It was very pleasant to see him again and the first half hour was mostly us chatting and drinking coffee. Then I retired to the sofa with a book while he beavered away at the piano.

And on Friday morning I went into town to visit the lovely B at Flight Centre and booked myself a ticket to London. Instead of Business class this time I've got a hybrid ticket: Business class for the longer leg (Melbourne - Abu Dhabi) and Economy the rest of the way. It seems like a good compromise ... and cheaper.

This morning P&I did the shopping as B was at the hospital being a guinea pig. After the market at the farm we headed off to Victoria Street to shop at the Woolworths; we had a rather plain lunch at Quint.