Friday, May 27, 2005

After a false start on Wednesday/Thursday, Mum is finally going home today. It turns out that the diagnosis is diverticulitis; the specialist is not recommending any intervention, which is a great relief, not least to Mum. She'll be glad to home in familiar surroundings; I'll see her on Sunday as normal.

In the meantime I've developed a cold which is the last thing I need with Spem looming tomorrow. I spent most of Wednesday in bed; in the morning I went to see the orthopaedic surgeon who looked at the x-rays, poked and probed me and asked lots of questions. He wants to see me in about six weeks when he'll see if things have settled down. So it's a case of wait and see - meanwhile my finger remains numb. Though I must admit that the other symptoms (aching arm, difficulty in getting comfortable in bed, etc) have significantly improved.

Monday, May 23, 2005

While Mum is still in Cabrini, she is OK and quite bright. They were originally going to do a sigmoidoscopy on Friday but it was deferred until this afternoon. Ian tried to talk them into letting her go home for the weekend but they wouldn't agree; they were keeping her under observation.

When I visited on Saturday I bumped into my sister and her husband, whom I hadn't seen for ages. Then I dropped in again yesterday; this time Mum was less happy as they had her on a special "no solids" diet. She had to drink three large containers of lemon-flavoured drink and was only getting things like jelly to eat. Not fun. I stayed and did what I could of the Sunday Age crossword (having seen B's version in the morning, when we shopped, helped a bit) and we chatted about this and that. At least she has a couple of books to read.

I will call tonight to find out how the procedure went and hope to catch up with her on Wednesday morning (assuming she goes home promptly).

Friday, May 20, 2005

I had a phone call yesterday morning from Mum - she was at home waiting for an ambulance to take her to Cabrini. I rang the hospital during the day and they said she was in Emergency, which frightened me a little until I learnt that they had no spare beds and Emergency was the only place with room.

Anyway, she's OK; she saw her specialist during the day. She's seeing him again today when I hope we will find out a diagnosis and if anything further needs to be done.

When I got there she was lying on a trolley in a passageway (but, being Cabrini, it was a very nice, shiny, clean passageway). While I was there they moved her into a "room" (three-walled alcove off a central area) and she was finally able to sit up. I left her eating her soup and sandwiches and preparing to get into a much more comfortable-looking bed; she was also learning how to use the remote for the TV. Ian and Rob had been there during the day.

She was actually looking quite bright, despite being in hospital. She's hoping to go home today.

After my visit there, I jumped on a couple of trains to go for a delicious dinner (salmon, mmm...) at DR's. We had a great talk and a few drinks. Just what I needed to finish up a stressful day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Well, I am now booked to see the orthopaedic surgeon next week. In the meantime today I visited the physio at the health centre and she gave me a good going over. She's given me some stretches to do which could ease the aching arms -- I certainly felt better when I left.

Then, as it's Wednesday again, I came in to work, though as I was running a bit behind I caught a tram instead of walking.

Last night was the first of the Spem rehearsals. An interesting (and varied) group of singers. It was a bit odd as there were quite a few people missing; choirs five and six had two singers each (S&A, T&B1 respectively) so there were a few patches which sounded very strange.

It really is a treat to be singing this extraordinary work.

Saturday will be separate rehearsals for each choir; choir two is meeting at my place at mid-day.

Meanwhile my right forefinger is still numb.

Monday, May 16, 2005

As P&B spent the weekend in Tasmania (see here for details) I whizzed up to Smith Street, with the jeep, to shop on my own on Saturday morning. On the way home I bumped into LE; we had a quick catch up then she went on her way to work and I trundled on down the hill homewards.

In the afternoon KP came around and we spent an enjoyable afternoon playing through various duets. My arm got sore a few times, but I soldiered on. In the evening Tat picked me up and took me to CJ's 40th birthday party (see below).

Sunday began very foggily (see also below) but it lifted slowly while I was on the station waiting for the train. Lunch at Mum's as usual, then a bit of a walk home from East Richmond station, which I did in 30 minutes. B&P came for dinner and Saturday's Bill.

I went back to see Dr C at the clinic this morning. The x-rays showed no problems with my neck, so he suggested I see the physio and persist in making contact with the orthopaedic surgeon. When I got to work I called the surgeon: the first time there was no answer but on the second try it was answered by a woman who briskly informed me that the "receptionist isn't in today, try again in the morning". At least I know there is some life there.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Off to the doctor's this morning. When I told him that my left index finger was numb he sent me off for an ultrasound (of my shoulder) and and X-ray (of my neck), and suggested I make an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. Luckily the ultrasound/X-ray place was just up in Northcote - I was able to catch a tram straight to work afterwards.

Meanwhile the finger is feeling really strange and the aching in the forearm is making work a bit tedious.

In other news, I got my Spem music the other day; it turns out I'm singing in choir 2 with Tat and Carol. Knowing that Tat knows her part makes me feel a little more relaxed about the whole enterprise as she has the first entry for our choir. First rehearsal for me is next Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's been too long since my last posting, but having a sore arm and numb forefinger makes me less than eager to approach the keyboard (computer or piano).

On Saturday I went to the clinic where I gave blood for all my (overdue) tests and got Dr C to look at my shoulder. He thought it might be tendonitis and gave me a course of anti-inflammatories. Then it was shopping as normal with B&P.

In the evening Tat picked me up and whisked me away to glorious Forest Hill where we attended a combined housewarming/birthday party. J&A M had opened their beautiful (NOT) 70s house for us all to celebrate DS's birthday. It was a "bring your own chair and meat" event and a good time was had by all. It was nice to see Bruce M again.

Sunday was lunch at Mum's as usual then home where I cooked up a lovely vegetable stew which I've been eating for the past few nights. On Monday night I fed Tat, but decided I was not feeling up to Gloriana rehearsal so sat in front of the telly all night. ("I've seen it, it's rubbish".)

Last night I went to P&B's for dinner. B has got his new PC and it looks very snazzy. P had made a truly delicious osso buco (recipe from Stefano de Pieri) and B topped the night off with another of his yummy microwaved fruit desserts.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Last night after German I rushed over to St John's where I heard the usual suspects perform a cantata for Himmelfahrt. Tat had picked up Bruce Macrae from the airport in the afternoon and deposited him at St John's. It was lovely to see him after so long; he's looking very well. Tat had bought herself a day-pass for CityLink so we took Bruce to where he's staying in Glenhuntly via the South-Eastern. Tat has plans to drive through the tunnels this morning before (until?) her day-pass runs out.

Over the past few days I've had some discomfort with my shoulder ("meine Schulter tut weh"). It's awkward during the day, but I find it very difficult to get to sleep as almost every position I try is uncomfortable. Will try and see the doctor in the morning.

This morning I got to work to discover that one of our regularly-consulted archives (but not critical) has run out of disc-space and that a certain person won't be in today. Harumph! I do hope I won't have to miss tonight's trip to the cinema.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Peter at Federation Square last Saturday. Posted by Hello
Another weekend gone

ON FRIDAY night DR and I went for a lovely meal at France-Soir in South Yarra, then on Saturday, after shopping, P and I went in to Fed Square to see the Bill Henson exhibition. What an extraordinary collection of photographs, particularly those in the second two rooms (yes, it was a big display). Mostly very dark, but references to other works and in many an amazing sense of unease.

Instead of lunching with Mum on Sunday I had a couple of singing gigs: first at the the Abbotsford Convent for their open day, then at a Tsunami fundraiser at All Saints St Kilda. Unfortunately at the Convent we had to sing outside which I always find very difficult; no acoustic feedback makes it really hard to blend and generally know what you're doing. All Saints was a much nicer experience - we left at half-time. AR said that when they went back around 5.45 the concert was still going!

On Sunday night I cooked Stephanie's chicken with tarragon sauce for P, B & D - it was very nice (if a touch fiddly at the end). All in all quite a busy weekend.

This morning I got up early to put out the cat - it was still dark and when I looked out into the garden there was what I can only assume to be a moth with luminescent wings. It certainly fluttered around like a moth and it was definitely palely glowing. Not reflected light - there wasn't much to speak of - actually glowing, white. A most unusual and beautiful sight.