Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess who?

I can't wait.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spring is definitely here

More nice weather - I had lunch with DC on Thursday at Kappaya, new Japanese cafe in Johnston Street. The food was very tasty - mostly rice balls stuffed with a variety of other things (salmon, mushrooms, etc) served with a bowl of miso soup and some green tea. Was nice to catch up with DC - he's certainly keeping himself busy.

Then in the afternoon I made the beef tagine (again!) for Dr D and the Lotus Master who came for dinner. It was a very pleasant evening and nice to catch up with them at my place for a change.

The weather remains glorious although today I'm stuck inside at work (which explains the day off on Thursday) - it promises to remain fine for a couple more days.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Interview with Bobo

A special hello to Dr Watson.


Health news

Another glorious day. A visit to the health centre produced the news that I am insulin resistant, a common precursor to type 2 diabetes. More walking and more care over diet is in order.

Actually I'd already started a new regime of walking for 30 minutes in the mornings; instead of trying to squeeze myself into one of the packed trains I walk to the St Vincent's interchange where I catch a Latrobe Street tram to work. So far I've managed this about three times a week and at this time of the year it's terrific. It might get a bit harder (and stickier) when the weather warms up.

After the visit to the doctor I walked up to Smith Street (passing Ms Fits and her dog, Bob Ellis in Johnston Street) for breakfast at Cavallero. Then it was back home to potter about before setting off for work.

As the weather was so pleasant I jumped on a bus down Hoddle Street to Bridge Road where I set off for the Yarra path and a brisk walk into town. And so to work.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sun and blue, blue sky

Glorious day.

Up early to the health centre to give a blood sample to check my blood sugar levels and also made an appointment for a week hence to get the results.

After had a brisk walk up to Smith Street and Cavallero where I indulged myself with eggs for breakfast, coffee and the paper. So nice to read it when I don't have to (if you know what I mean).

Then back down the hill to home where the back of the house was full of sunshine. I love Melbourne on days like this. The magnolia is coming out and underneath it are the wonderful Hellebores nestling with the fragrant violets - Spring is not far away.

I had sushi for lunch in town before going down to the end of the town and work. Which has been busy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More food talk

Sorry about the hiatus. Last week, after a very successful concert, I had lots of lovely time to myself plus a very nice meal at B's. DG joined us on Saturday morning at the farmers market at the children's farm after which B and I picked up Richard the station wagon (the lovely Phoebe being already booked) and set off for Brunswick.

We shopped at Mediterranean Wholesalers (some wonderful reggiano into the basket with all the other goodies) and Lamanna, for fruit and veg. P arrived back from BrisVegas on Saturday night and they all came around here for dinner on Sunday. I cooked the beef tagine again (thank you St Stephanie) and it was well received. As I only had one quince left I made an apple and quince crumble to finish with.

Last night was Gloriana rehearsal at Trinity chapel; our first run-through of the Durufle with organ went off surprisingly well, though we still have a lot of work to do on the rest of the program.

The other food-related Stephanie (she of Elegant Sufficiency) has kindly linked to this blog in her piece about her poached quince cake and said very nice things about my quince paste.

I still have an unwanted sofa sitting here, but all being well it will go out on Sunday night for the hard rubbish collection next week. Unless someone wants to take it off my hands ...

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Never home

It's been a busy week - I've been out every night, all but Wednesday (when I was at work) rehearsing. Tonight is the Gombert concert, From Taverner to Tavener which should be pretty good. Those who can't face the cold air can catch it some time later (not sure when) on ABC Classic FM. Poor ST has come down with a nasty cold/lurgi but managed to do some good work last night - let's hope he's OK tonight.

Thursday's day off was very nice, but slightly frustrating when the men from the Salvos only took one of my old sofas. They wouldn't take the one with a (extremely small) hole in the fabric on one of the arms. So there's still a sofa on offer to anyone who will take it away -- please.

Working today (managed to get in early) before tonight's concert.