Monday, June 30, 2003

Start of another week -- caught up with Mum yesterday. She's much the same, hasn't heard from Ian or Geraldine this last week. Is hoping to get another shot in her knee to help with the arthritic pain.

Marie Cole died last week after battling lung cancer. Funeral is on Thursday afternoon.

Haven't heard yet from Brent or Simon B, but did have an email from Greg R today with a review of Brian Magee's autobiography. Just heard that Greg is going to London next April for work -- lucky him.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Shopping this morning with Peter and Bruce -- to Dan Murphy's after where I indulged in a dozen bottles of Morris' Durif, 1999. Will put at least half of it down for later...

Last night was spent catching up with lots of taped TV followed by Dalziel and Pascoe and Spooks -- I'm totally addicted.

Next week is St Mark's 150th anniversary service; rehearsal Monday and the big night on Tuesday.

Friday, June 27, 2003

More from today. I've just read a review in the Spectator of a new book, Britten on music, edited by Paul Kildea. Quite a positive review, too. If I were a bit more interested in Britten I'd look out a copy. Still it's good to see Paul's work being well received.
This is a new experience for me, but after getting an account with an ISP and meaning to do something about putting up a website, I have constantly procrastinated and there's, so far, nothing there.

So let's have a go with blogging.

Firstly, some background: I am a newspaper librarian working for The Age in Melbourne and have been here for 26 years. Yes, I know that sounds a long time - believe me, sometimes it feels like a long time. But the work is interesting and the people are great.

But, really, I define myself as a musician: amateur pianist and a singer. I sing now with Gloriana, after spending a decade with The Tudor Choristers and doing some occasional gigs with Ensemble Gombert. I also sing regularly in the Bach Cantata project at St John's SouthGate.

I'll do some more filling in soon.