Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome home laptop

The laptop returned from hospital last week after having a motherboard transplant (bad motherboard!, naughty motherboard!), and although it was working it wasn't finding my wireless network, nor any of the local networks.

I fiddled around, called Dr D and asked one of the comms guys at work but nothing seemed to work. The device manager said all the bits were operative but ... nothing.

When I finally got to speak to the support guys I was directed to try hitting Function-F2, and surprise, surprise, it worked. It seems many laptops have a toggle for the wireless function, and obviously the new motherboard was set to Off.

In other news RP came for dinner tonight; it was nice to catch up. He's promised to have a look at the spaghetti junction behind my electronic equipment which he is sure is causing much of my hum problem. He certainly knows more about it than I do.


Blogger dennis said...

I'm very glad it turned out to be so simple to get your networking going, though a little annoying that it isn't documented anywhere obvious for normal people.

10:58 pm  

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