Friday, March 30, 2007

Odds and sods

It's been a funny old week; not having had a proper weekend and then working on Tuesday instead of Wednesday evening has completely upset my sense of time. All day Wednesday I was convinced it was Thursday.

On the train home from German last night I noticed a couple of guys sitting by the window - I suddenly realised I knew one of them from thirty years ago. AK was a friend of AJ's and he came to stay with me in London before a trip to Holland to visit his father - I think I've got a picture of him somewhere. I haven't thought about him for years - he's not looking too bad.

This morning DT came to cut back my roses; this was in response to a letter I got from the council requiring me to cut back vegetation hanging over the fence. This is the second time I've had one of these and I assume they're referring to Albertine hanging over into the back lane. It's a bit early for the roses, but I figure the weather has been so crazy that if the roses have survived the drought, they'll survive an early haircut.

And tonight I stumbled on the ValuesAustralia (All the Information Permitted*) website. The name might suggest that it's what it's not; it's taking a firm stance against the Howard government and its close ties to the US. There are odd links to videos of The Daily Show and the main posting currently concerns a letter the website owners received from the government claiming they were in breach of several laws. The ValuesAustralia man systematically, and amusingly, points out the absurdities of the government's letter. Check out the site's coat of arms and try to imagine how anyone could seriously mistake it for Australia's.

* under Part 5.3 and Division 72 of the Criminal Code


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