Monday, March 26, 2007

Clear headed

Yesterday's concert went off very well - luckily my stuffed-up head cleared and I was able to sing easily. There was a reasonably sized, and very appreciative, audience including B and RJ, and BL from work.

The Gorecki, which is very hard work maintaining the stamina and keeping the piece balanced, went off particularly well; almost enough to make me like it.

Last night I went to B's for dinner (leek and potato soup, shepherd's pie and home-made ice cream) which was handy as I wasn't able to do any shopping on Saturday. We watched the first part of Rossini's La donna del lago one of the operas in his bargain La Scala box. Great singing in a rather conventional production - Rockwell Blake was wearing what looked like a pheasant on his head!

I worked early today and managed to drop in at the Safeway on the way home to get some provisions. Tonight I'm spending quietly in front of the teev preparing all the bits and pieces to take to the tax accountant in the morning.

The weather has been glorious over the last couple of days - wonderful Melbourne autumn weather. It should last for a couple more days.


Anonymous Andrew Fisher said...

Hi Frank,

Just googling idly for "Gloriana Brumel" and I came across your blog, and also another penned by Bruce (who may be your dining companion, I am guessing). Nice to learn a little more about you! From your neighbouring tenor.

10:26 am  

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