Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More food talk

Sorry about the hiatus. Last week, after a very successful concert, I had lots of lovely time to myself plus a very nice meal at B's. DG joined us on Saturday morning at the farmers market at the children's farm after which B and I picked up Richard the station wagon (the lovely Phoebe being already booked) and set off for Brunswick.

We shopped at Mediterranean Wholesalers (some wonderful reggiano into the basket with all the other goodies) and Lamanna, for fruit and veg. P arrived back from BrisVegas on Saturday night and they all came around here for dinner on Sunday. I cooked the beef tagine again (thank you St Stephanie) and it was well received. As I only had one quince left I made an apple and quince crumble to finish with.

Last night was Gloriana rehearsal at Trinity chapel; our first run-through of the Durufle with organ went off surprisingly well, though we still have a lot of work to do on the rest of the program.

The other food-related Stephanie (she of Elegant Sufficiency) has kindly linked to this blog in her piece about her poached quince cake and said very nice things about my quince paste.

I still have an unwanted sofa sitting here, but all being well it will go out on Sunday night for the hard rubbish collection next week. Unless someone wants to take it off my hands ...

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