Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Health news

Another glorious day. A visit to the health centre produced the news that I am insulin resistant, a common precursor to type 2 diabetes. More walking and more care over diet is in order.

Actually I'd already started a new regime of walking for 30 minutes in the mornings; instead of trying to squeeze myself into one of the packed trains I walk to the St Vincent's interchange where I catch a Latrobe Street tram to work. So far I've managed this about three times a week and at this time of the year it's terrific. It might get a bit harder (and stickier) when the weather warms up.

After the visit to the doctor I walked up to Smith Street (passing Ms Fits and her dog, Bob Ellis in Johnston Street) for breakfast at Cavallero. Then it was back home to potter about before setting off for work.

As the weather was so pleasant I jumped on a bus down Hoddle Street to Bridge Road where I set off for the Yarra path and a brisk walk into town. And so to work.

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