Saturday, August 04, 2007

Never home

It's been a busy week - I've been out every night, all but Wednesday (when I was at work) rehearsing. Tonight is the Gombert concert, From Taverner to Tavener which should be pretty good. Those who can't face the cold air can catch it some time later (not sure when) on ABC Classic FM. Poor ST has come down with a nasty cold/lurgi but managed to do some good work last night - let's hope he's OK tonight.

Thursday's day off was very nice, but slightly frustrating when the men from the Salvos only took one of my old sofas. They wouldn't take the one with a (extremely small) hole in the fabric on one of the arms. So there's still a sofa on offer to anyone who will take it away -- please.

Working today (managed to get in early) before tonight's concert.


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