Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Working a split shift again today; it's the last one (I hope) as I've been training a new chum. I got in around 8 (early for a change) and left around 11. I hadn't planned anything in particular but on the suggestion of a work colleague I took myself off to the Dutch Masters exhibition at the NGV.

It wasn't too crowded and I had a nice leisurely amble through the rooms. I especially liked the glass and silverware displayed to match items in some of the paintings; in one case it was the very salt-cellar made by the subject.

Afterwards I strolled around to the Dürer show. These 500-year-old prints I find amazingly satisfying; many of them contain images I've been aware of forever (it seems), in particular the wonderful, if totally wrong, rhinoceros. I went upstairs to see the extraordinary arch of honour made of printed pages he did for Maximiliam I. Gloriously bizarre.

A very satisfying day.


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