Sunday, August 21, 2005

Catch up

I've been pretty busy over the last week. Tuesday's rehearsal was shifted to Thursday night as JOD wasn't well; this meant I had to leave German a bit early. Then Friday night was the Daffodil Day concert at St Mary's West Melbourne. It was a cold, wet night so the audience was small; we did the Victoria Requiem and joined in the In paradisum from the Faure.

Saturday morning's rehearsal was moved here as the Melba people had forgotten that their hall wasn't available. Shopped in the afternoon then had P&B for dinner. This morning Tat came here and we took the train into Flinders Street and walked around to the NGV. We sang in front of the Tiepolo (unfortunately we didn't get to look at it while we sang) and it all went off pretty well.


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