Saturday, April 26, 2008

More on Mum, and a concert

Mum had a visit last week from the aged care assessment people (or, rather, person) and she's going to organise a district nurse to come daily to administer her medications as this is one of the things she's been forgetting. There are a few other things to come as well including a rail by the front door, and probably one in the toilet as well.

On Wednesday I'm off to the doctor with Mum to get the results of the CAT scan.

Last Thursday B&P and I met and had a quick, but tasty, meal at Chillipadi in town (I had a tasty Nasi lemak) before making our way to Melba Hall for a free recital given by Rosamund Illing, with Dean Sky-Lucas on piano and Craig Hill on clarinet. The program was mixed, ranging from Purcell and Mozart to Poulenc and Obradors with some Strauss and Duparc on the way. The concert ended with Schubert's glorious Shepherd on the Rock.

It was a wonderful night; it was great to be able to relax in the knowledge that you were listening to a real artist at work (or should I say artists - Dean Sky Lucas' playing of what I know to be some extremely difficult accompaniments was accurate and sensitive). Illing's voice is well controlled with an amazing dynamic range, from whisper soft to full bore; she certainly had no problems filling Melba Hall. I think the French and Spanish songs were the best (though her coquettishness in the Obradors was just a little much), the Schubert not quite coming up to quite the same level for me. A very enjoyable evening.

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