Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All about my mother

Unfortunately Mum's in Cabrini at the moment. When I rang her this morning to remind her about her doctor's appointment today she said that she was "on the floor". She hadn't pressed her emergency button so I got her to do it and said I'd be there as soon as possible.

Of course it would be the day the cab drivers were having a sit-down protest in the city, but luckily I got a cab fairly quickly and when I got to Mum's her neighbours had got her up and into her chair. She was in quite a bit of pain so I called 000 for an ambulance. The ambos were terrific and we got her to Cabrini fairly quickly. She spent most of the day in emergency before being admitted to a bed.She's very badly bruised and the doctor was keen to get her pain under control. Bro and I went back to her place to get a few things and, as he had to race off to do a few things, I stayed with Mum. Then I realised I hadn't brought her medications so I trotted off again to get them. When I got back she was having her tea and looking quite a bit brighter.

Bro, sis and I are now facing some serious decisions about where she goes when she comes out of hospital; we don't know how long she's going to be there so will have to decide quickly. Sis is comng down tomorrow though I probably won't see her as I won't get there until after work.


Blogger Andrew said...

It is a hard thing you are dealing with and I am on the cusp of it too. I have no wise words except, let your mother decide (with encouraging advice in the right direction).

12:15 am  

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