Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home is the hunter... er, librarian

Sorry, I've been away. On holiday in far north Queensland.

More on that later - perhaps tomorrow.

While I was away I found out I'd won a new laptop by filling in a feedback questionnaire for the IT department at work. The nice part was that the SMS telling me I'd won arrived on my birthday.

The other piece of news I received while I was away was that Mum had gone into the Freemasons' Hospital. She'd had a fall at home and spent the night on the floor, unable to get up or reach the phone. She's OK - no bones broken, she's just a bit bruised. She's still in hospital but will be going up to my sister's in the country for a while on Thursday. The doctor is very pleased with her progress.

I flew back from Cairns on Saturday and after a quick visit to Mum I went to see P&B who very kindly fed me.

Sunday was a bit odd as I didn't go to Mum's for lunch, instead going to visit her in hospital in the afternoon. IP and G&DH were there; I think it was the first time we'd all been together for some years. SP came around in the evening to collect his stuff and ended up staying for a bottom-of-the-fridge risotto.

Monday morning saw my return to work - it was a bit hectic as there weren't too many people there, but it did help the day pass quickly. While I was keen to take possession of my new toy, the IT people wanted a picture of me getting it but couldn't put their hands on a camera so I ended up getting it today.

After work I raced home with the laptop-in-a-box before racing out again to visit Mum. She was sitting up doing a crossword when I got there and was very chirpy. Tonight I spent some time getting acquainted with the new machine (named Keikobad after an unseen character in Die Frau ohne Schatten) and setting it up how I want it.


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