Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dixit dominus - part I

Recording is a very tedious business, but not without its positives - you do get to know a work really well.

Last night's first session of recording Handel's Dixit dominus went off well, despite a couple of singers recovering from nasty colds. We worked, little by little, through a number of tracks to the satisfaction of B, the producer, who was very demanding (which is her job). The orchestra is sounding really good, despite JOD's speedy tempi, and the choir is responding to their lead. One of the benefits of this intensive work is that Saturday's performance will be a virtual walk in the park for the choir.

Tonight they are recording the soloists, which has worked out conveniently for me as I'm working. Then tomorrow night we have to get everything else done, a task I find a little daunting as, although we've done the first chorus, we still are faced with the fairly scary final chorus.

Unfortunately the chapel we are recording in is decidedly chilly, so we need to rug up. But at least the strings retain their tune a little longer.


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