Saturday, June 02, 2007

The last week has flown with rehearsals and work and German in the evenings and mostly work during the day.

The exception was Thursday, which I had off because I'm at work today (Saturday). I managed finally to catch up with DC - we've been trying for weeks but something kept going wrong. We strolled down to the Convent and had a pleasant lunch in the cafe. It was great to hear how he's enjoying his retirement - it gives me ideas.

This morning we shopped as usual and I came into town a little early to get a 1Gb compact flash card for the camera. I also popped into Discurio and found a DVD of Offenbach's La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein; it's from the Châtelet in Paris with Felicity Lott and Yann Beuron who I have in a very enjoyable Belle Hélène so I couldn't resist. Marc Minkowsky conducts. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Tomorrow we have an early start at St John's for the Credo of the B minor mass. I was a bit disappointed last night by the attitude of some of the young players in the orchestra who seemed mightly amused by the efforts of us in the choir. MvP was a bit scratchy too, but he's full of a nasty cold.

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