Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peg settles in

It's been a fortnight now and Mum seems to be settling in to the Good Shepherd. I try to drop in every couple of days or so and B has been visiting as well. Last Saturday I borrowed a wheel chair and took her for a spin throught the convent grounds; the weather was glorious and I think she really appreciated it.

On the last two Monday evenings I have visited LE to help her eat up leftovers from dinner parties she's held. The food has been very delicious including a most wonderful almond, aioli and grape granita soup (!) and very tasty mango and pineapple icypoles with lemongrass for sticks. Yum.

P cooked a very nice Stephanie's roast chicken last night followed by a surprise Peach Melba. Yes, friends, I do eat well.


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