Friday, June 27, 2003

This is a new experience for me, but after getting an account with an ISP and meaning to do something about putting up a website, I have constantly procrastinated and there's, so far, nothing there.

So let's have a go with blogging.

Firstly, some background: I am a newspaper librarian working for The Age in Melbourne and have been here for 26 years. Yes, I know that sounds a long time - believe me, sometimes it feels like a long time. But the work is interesting and the people are great.

But, really, I define myself as a musician: amateur pianist and a singer. I sing now with Gloriana, after spending a decade with The Tudor Choristers and doing some occasional gigs with Ensemble Gombert. I also sing regularly in the Bach Cantata project at St John's SouthGate.

I'll do some more filling in soon.


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