Friday, October 09, 2015

Normal Friday

This morning was back to normal, with B&P picking me up in the share car Delila to go shopping. First to Coles, then to Toscanos for fruit and veg. As I'm out a bit this coming week I didn't buy very much.

Then, after dropping off our shopping, and then the car, we settled in at Dr Morse for lunch.

After lunch P and I walked back, he home, and I to the radio station. I had to finish off the Reflections program I left undone yesterday - I also managed finally to burn a CD of Ted D's Pärt program to send to his interviewee. Then home.

Photo of the gates of Clare College, Cambridge, taken on my last trip there in 2011 (testing uploads).

Thursday, October 08, 2015


Lots to do at the radio station this morning: first up was recording three interviews for Julie H. Leah helped out, recording and editing one of them.

Was about to come home when I was reminded that I hadn't edited Doug's Reflections program with Tristan L, so I spent some time working on that. Will finish it off tomorrow.

On my way out I was delighted to see Loretto, who's returned from her holiday. Disappointed to hear she wasn't impressed by Spain.


After having been broken off twice in the past year, this tree is back for more.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

New York apartment

From March.


This morning I walked to Victoria Gardens and back, mainly to pick up a magazine but I also managed toi get a coffee as well. It was a lovely morning for a walk and I came home via The Boulevard.

Then I met Brian K at the radio station and had a pleasant lunching with him at Cam's cafe before taking him to meet John B to discuss taking on proofing for On Air. We agreed that he'll sit with me for the first one before soloing.

Then back home in the sun. A quiet, cheap day (Brian shouted lunch).

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I'm back

I'm not going to bother about doing a catch up entry (though there is plenty of content) but just continue as if nothing intervened.

Last night we were back at rehearsal - after, for me, the unpleasant experience of working on the Pärt Passio, lady night was a welcome return to "proper" music. A mass by Lassus, and works by Gabrieli, Tarick O'Regan and Bax, among others. It was a hot night but the church wasn't too uncomfortable.

Today I caught up with Margaret, normally a Wednesday activity but moved as I'm catching up with Brian K tomorrow. It was an unusually hot day for October ("there's no such thing as global warming") and despite having taken a tablet in the morning my hay-fever was pretty bad.

As P&B are away I dropped past their place and brought in their bins and also dropped in briefly to the radio station.

A cool change finally came through this afternoon and the house has cooled down nicely.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just testing

Painting of Sir Arthur Sullivan in the National Portrait Gallery, London

Monday, July 22, 2013

Out and about

As the cleaners were coming today I left the house fairly early and headed to Ian's Acoustic Cafe for coffee.

After getting my shot of caffeine I headed into town to find a digital radio for Noel. I found what I thought was appropriate at the M store but the only earphones they had were too expensive. I managed to find some cheaper ones elsewhere and then jumped on a tram to Royal Park.

Noel was well and I got the radio out, only to discover that, unlike every other model of small digital radio that I've ever looked at, this one doesn't have a headphone jack. I can exchange it (I still have the receipt) but have realised that I can give him the one I have by my bed and keep the one I bought today.

I'll probably go back on Wednesday, as Thursday and Friday are taken up with mailout.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Despite being cold today, it's been a gloriously sunny day. I started the day with coffee and a walk before sitting down to do the Sunday Age general knowledge crossword.

Daniel M. dropped in after lunch to pick up his book and CDs of his Widor program. During the afternoon I sorted through some more of the program collection and started a curry.

Also caught up with a few recorded TV shows.

Later tonight is Sunday Night Late.