Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Not much to say today; I'm grumpy at the moment, mainly because I've lost my web access at home because of a bloody-minded Modem/Router. I followed all the disaster recovery instructions but to no avail, so will probably have to buy a new one.

I've also left it a bit late to arrange someone to pick up the old sofas (new ones on the way). Will probably have to live with four sofas for a while - perhaps I should throw a party. Anyone interested in two two-seater sofas in reasonably good condition? Leave a comment.

In other news, last night was the first Gombert rehearsal for the next concert. I've landed a place as VMcA is on his honeymoon and doesn't return until the day after the concert. Good program of English choral highlights, Taverner to Tavener.


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