Monday, July 16, 2007

More good food

Saturday morning was the Farmers' Market at the Abbotsford Children's Farm - after that we went to Vic Gardens as usual to finish the shopping. That was followed by a tasty meal at B&P's after which I went home to lie on my new sofas.

That night P&B, DG and I went to the Terminus Hotel for their Bastille Day dinner. A fabulous 8 10-course dinner of delicious food, beautifully presented. A good time was had by all. NE (of Esurientes) and BW from Gombert were there, as well as PN (who I hadn't seen for ages). They seemed to enjoy it as well.

On Sunday it was back to the old routine of lunch at Mum's; she seems pretty good, and possibly a little more mobile thanks to the cortisone.


Blogger Niki said...

10 courses!! And I savoured every bit of them!

10:19 pm  

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