Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flat profit

Rehearsals last night and this afternoon - last night with Graham and today with Marco and the orchestra (pity the poor tympanist). Overall everything seems to be going well; I suppose we'll find out in the morning.

But between both singing engagements I went to the Farmers Market with B (where I bought some yoghurt and feta) before catching the bus down to Elwood to act as moral support for the auction of D's flat. S&G were there as well as LH and DK (who I hadn't seen for ages) - in fact it was old home week really. We all stood around being the backdrop to the auction which went off very successfully - the flat brought $451,000!

Not surprisingly D is very happy (over the moon would be a better description). He had laid on a very tasty spread for lunch and others had brought French champagne, so it was a proper celebration.

Tonight D came around for dinner; I had made a vegetable soup/stew using up the rest of the chicken stock I made last weekend. We finished up with a slice each of some yummy chocolate cake D had brought to which I added the remaining slices of poached quince from last weekend.

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