Monday, August 02, 2010

Film, art and food

On Thursday I went along to the Forum (where I remember seeing Lawrence of Arabia in the early 60s) where the Melbourne International Film Festival was screening a fascinating film called Pianomania which follows a Viennese piano technician as he attempts to adjust pianos to the requirements of several different pianists. Full of humour it's a film I would recommend seeing.

On Friday I met P&B for lunch at Journal Canteen - I had delicious chicken involtini. The only downside was that while I was chewing on a soft piece of bread half a tooth broke off. A quick tongue inspection and glass of water showed that it wasn't sensitive (this has happened before, luckily with no tenderness each time) so I proceeded with my meal.

After lunch we went down to the NGV St Kilda Rd to see the European Masters exhibition; works from the St├Ądel Museum in Frankfurt. It was an interesting show but without any major highlights, though it was nice to see the famous Tischbein portrait of Goethe in the Roman Campagna. 

Saturday was full of fun: shopping, singing, Stephen Fry. For VMcA's 40th birthday he had arranged a group of friends to sing Tallis' 40-part Spem in alium; We also got to sing through a 40-part piece V has been composing, all conducted by JO'D. A splendid afternoon tea was provided by some of the singers. After the performance most people were continuing the celebrations at a local pub, but a small group of us made our way into town to attend the evening's talk by Stephen Fry.

It was an extraordinary performance - for two hours he stood on the stage and spoke. Much of it was about his early life but his delivery was full of many side-tracks and anecdotes and the time passed very quickly and enjoyably.

On Sunday I visited LE to help her set up the new printer she has bought. It was mostly straighforward, but there were a couple of things which didn't work how I expected them to. Then in the evening I went to P&B's where I was given a most delicious meal of carrot soup followed by P's tasty roast chicken. We finished with some very nice cheeses. To celebrate one year of retirement I took a bottle of Morris' Durif from 2001 - it was delicious.

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