Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last week P&B and I went to see the Victorian Opera production of Julius Caesar which was presented at the Melbourne Recital Centre in a spare, but effective, production. The singing was uniformly excellent with the two counter-tenor leads showing off their abilities brilliantly. There was a bit of extraneous business with the dancing supers, but I suppose that's to be expected when the director is an ex-dancer (Stephen Heathcote). Considered with the other works we've seen presented by VO, the future of opera in Melbourne looks very healthy.

Saturday before last P, LE and I went to see the entertaining Bill Bailey in his first performance (of four) at the Palais. Unfortunately we were stuck up the back of the Dress Circle (near the ceiling) and didn't have a fabulous view of the stage, but it didn't matter that much. He was very amusing; I particularly liked his take on art history, especially when he animated the doubter's hand in and out of Christ's side in Caravaggio's The Incredulity of St Thomas.

On Sunday P&B and I met up with LP, LL and MP for brunch in town - as our first choice, The European, was packed we wandered down Little Bourke Street and went to Dragon Boat for yum-cha. It wasn't fabulous, but it was a lovely chance to catch up with the Canberra lot who I hadn't seen for years.

Afterwards P&B and I set out to explore some of the buildings open for the Melbourne Open House - this picture was taken at the ANZ's flash new building at the bottom of Collins Street. We also visited the Missions to Seamen (yes, I know it's now known as Missions to Seafarers, but that's what I grew up calling it), the new bowls club in the Flagstaff Gardens and the Royal Historical Society headquarters in the old Army Drill Hall in William Street.

Yesterday I went over to BN's to deliver her Stephen Fry tickets - this was the first time I had done the trip using my myki; it went live on all modes of transport on Sunday. Everything worked fine; I don't think I was overcharged. The only drawback is that on the buses the scanners don't seem to be able to detect my card while it's in my wallet.

Today I had an enjoyable lunch with JW at Birdman Eating - I had the pork belly and JW had the braised oxtail with noodles. Both were delicious. I am planning on buying myself a new desktop computer and JW gave me some advice on what I need to ask for which I really appreciate. He's currently on holidays and is taking the chance to get to some sessions at the Melbourne Film Festival - I'm thinking of going on Thursday to see Pianomania, a film about a piano technician which comes with strong recommendation from BO.
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