Wednesday, July 07, 2010

One posting in search of a title

After coffee and walk this morning I got back to sorting through the mess in the spare room; I even managed to almost fill the recycling bin with stuff. As well I'm building piles of books to either sell or throw away. I also put some quinces on to cook - they filled the house with their unbelievable smell.

This afternoon I went up to the Nova cinema in Carlton where I met LE and we both went to see Toy Story 3 which I thoroughly enjoyed; must confess that I blubbed a little near the end. Mind you, that's not totally unexpected with me, I do tend to have a low threshold for crying at films.

Then I had to make a quick return home as P&B were coming to dinner - the beef casserole I had made yesterday was delicious and the quinces from this morning were superb.

On Monday I sent emails off to RH in Derby and DP in Brighton - mostly just chatty stuff to let them know what I've been up to. Today I was very pleased to get a reply from DP. All seems well with him and AC: this year's Brighton Festival was deemed a success, though they are expecting cuts in the funding they receive from the Arts Council.


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