Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday: shopping and stock

It was farmer's market this morning so I went around to P&B's early and we walked over to the Children's Farm. I bought some rhubarb, and some globe artichokes which I haven't cooked for a very long time (like, over 30 years). Then it was off to Brunswick St to pick up the car and we set off for Vic Gardens for Coles and Toscano's. At the chicken place I got a bag of chicken frames (three for a $1 - what a bargain) which I am presently making stock with - the house smells wonderful.

As P&B were having a birthday lunch with B's father (happy birthday Bob!) they dropped me back at the house. BO was at the market so I called and suggested he drop in - he did and we went around to 3 Bags Full for lunch. It was very crowded, as usual, but we fluked a spot in the window. We had good coffee, good food and a good chat.

BO came back afterwards and we spent the afternoon talking about anything and everything. After he left I briefly roasted the chicken carcasses before throwing them into pot with everything else needed to make the stock.


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