Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not again ... yes, I'm afraid so

On Monday morning I caught the train to visit DG in Castlemaine. I had a lovely visit and cooked him the lamb tagine-ish dish I had made for P&B on Sunday. It was very tasty.

He had finally located the remote for his TV and it was a simple matter to retune the TV. He hasn't had access to broadcast TV for a couple of years - he was so excited that he sat up late last night watching the tennis.

He drove me back to Melbourne this morning with B - he dropped me near Jewell station and I caught the train home. I didn't realise it immediately I got inside, but while I was away my house had been broken into yet again. One of the back windows was jemmied open but oddly nothing seems to be missing. The only sign of the intruder was some dirt in my shower recess; no real sign that the shower had been used, just some dirt. Weird.

Thanks to the helpful people at my new insurance company (my previous one had declined to continue my coverage) I had a visit this afternoon from a handyman who managed to make the house secure by fixing the window.



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