Friday, October 30, 2009

Money problems

In the weeks before I left I was trying to find flights and accommodation in Dublin for a short side trip. I found what looked like a good deal and went through the procedure; when I got the the last window the system declared that they had a problem and the whole transaction was cancelled. After some international phone calls and rather unfriendly service the charge on my card was finally reversed.

However it wasn't without its consequences. A few days later, while asking for a balance on my account at an ATM, my card was "retained". This left me without access to my money for the trip.

I went immediately to the credit union office where an excellent young man promised to get me a new card which will eventually make its way to Oxford (not helped by a Royal Mail rolling strike). He also alerted me to an interim option: Cash Passports. These work like a card in ATMs, the good thing is that you can top them up using BPay/internet banking.

This has been a great alternative, but can't be used for booking trains, flights, concerts, etc over the web. So I am currently awaiting a courier bearing my new card - LN in Melbourne has kindly arranged this service for me.

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