Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another trip? Yes please

Off into town this morning to visit the lovely Brihony who has been organising a trip to New Zealand for me. I'm going to stay for a few days with AC and TM in Dunedin with a couple of days in Christchurch on the way home. Not for a few weeks, though.

Also in communication with the solicitor about Mum's estate - everything is almost tied up now, my brother, sister and I should get our shares over the next few days. While I was in a financial mind-set I started sorting through all the receipts, bills, statements, etc to get ready to get my tax done. It's a job I dislike intensely, not helped by the fact that my records are always in such a mess. I've done the first bit, but still need to lay my hands on a few more bits and bobs before I can make an appointment with the accountant.

The weather continues to be glorious, just how I like it, though I think there is some rain ahead. Good.


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