Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner at MoVida Aqui

Yesterday was LE's birthday, so she, P&B and I went to MoVida Aqui, the latest in the MoVida franchise, for a celebratory dinner.

The food was delicious: we started with a range of tapas which we followed with four different larger courses including pork belly and bacalao dishes. We considered a serving of patatas bravas, but instead moved on to dessert, B and I having the Spanish version of trifle while P and L opted for the special which involved pineapple. I topped things off with a glass of a most delectable quince liqueur.

The restaurant is well laid out, with tables not too close together, and the service was exemplary, as compared with the unfortunate experience we had at lunchtime at Madam Sou Sou's.

Today is quite pleasant, top temperature around 33, but for tomorrow 41 is still forecast, so I think I'll spend the day in hibernation.



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