Friday, October 30, 2009


On our first day B & I crashed fairly early. The next day Taffy picked us up and took us shopping to stock up our larder; that night they fed us at their flat. Over the next few days I began to explore Oxford, walking along the river and into the city centre. It is truly an amazing city with some extraordinarily beautiful buildings; most of the centre is mostly car free and a pedestrian's (and cyclist's) paradise.

One of my highlights so far has been a visit to the History of Science Museum which is currently housing an exhibition of Steampunk. The museum's collection is also fascinating and includes the original of the pastel of the moon by John Russell which appears in the book The Lunar Men which I have been reading.

Barbara has been busy as well. As she can't walk very far she has obtained herself a little electric-powered scooter which allows her to get around without having to rely on Taffy. As she will be here for around three months it makes good sense.

J&T's baby is due any minute and J is impatient for it to be over.

Picture: Museum of the History of Science (



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