Sunday, October 04, 2009

Comings and goings

Last week was brightened by a visit to DG in Castlemaine; the weather was glorious and on Wednesday we did a lovely drive to Clunes and surrounding towns. In the evening we had a meal at the Railway Hotel which, as usual, was extremely busy. Good hearty and cheap food.

On Monday and again on Thursday we had rehearsals for Friday's concert to open the Spring Early Music Festival. Friday was a busy day as in the morning ST and I went to Torquay to sing for the funeral of DD's mother - then it was back to Melbourne and the concert in the evening.. 

The main work was the Brumel Earthquake Mass, an extraordinary 12-part work with wide-ranging parts and exciting rhythmic ingenuity to test one's wits. This went off fairly well, though not without a few odd glitches and, as BO calls them, sharpranos raising the pitch. The highlight of the evening for me, and others, was Gombert's setting of Lugebat David Absalon, an extraordinarily moving work which on Friday night seemed to have an emotional life of its own - an amazing experience.

Yesterday saw the usual shopping and brunch in Brunswick Street with P&B, always fun, followed by a lazy afternoon and a televisual evening. 

Today I've been quite industrious, sorting through a lot of papers and throwing away lots of rubbish. I figure if I take B's advice and do an hour a day I'll be completely organised by ... oh, perhaps 2012. 


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