Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick ketchup

Last week DG and I had a delightful evening out with JE and DN. We all met at D&J's and walked to Rumi, a great Middle-Eastern restaurant at the top of Lygon Street. I heartily urge all readers with even the vaguest interest in food to go there and experience their great food. Though it's probably best to leave it for a week or so as it was mentioned twice in last week's theage(melbourne)magazine and so might be a bit busy for a while.

Shopped as usual on Saturday morning though without the excitement of a market. Fed B&P on Saturday night with more pizza (I do so enjoy playing with dough) and nephew SP came on Sunday to help me eat up leftovers.

Monday night was rehearsal (Note to prospective audience members: the concert on Sunday is at Trinity Chapel in Royal Parade, not St Mark's) which included birthday celebrations for AR who turned 40. As it was our dress rehearsal we couldn't really spend too much time in festivities, alas.

Last night I went to P&B's for dinner - P (who has been feeling poorly) had cooked a wonderful roast chicken which was followed by B's luscious strawberry ice-cream. We do eat well.

This morning before work I took myself off to ACMI to see the wonderful Pixar exhibition. the highlight was the "artscape" which was a video (high-def?) which was four times as wide as normal and showed an amazing and intricate amount of pre-production work from all (most) the Pixar films. Very impressive.

And then to work.

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