Monday, July 05, 2004

Friday night was a lovely beef bourgignon chez B&P, with LE as well -- a nice evening in a cosy room with enjoyable company. Then on Saturday the three of (B&P and I) us visited the wilds of Brunswick for Italian goods from the Mediterranean Wholesalers -- lovely grana padano and tins of tomatoes and all sorts of other goodies. Home to P&B's via Piedimonte's to get such mundane things as cat food. We than enjoyed a nice lunch of bits and pieces despite my forgetting to bring the ciabatta.

Saturday night was dinner and cards at M&D's -- I found a Buller's durif at the local supermarket which went down very nicely.

After lunch at Mum's on Sunday it was back in to work to help SL processing Sunday and Monday's paper -- as it was I got away around 6.30 which wasn't bad. Had a call last night from MH asking about the house up the street which is for sale -- he's interested and was asking about life in the area. He may come around tonight to check out my TV reception; a very important aspect to moving, I would think.


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