Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Young love

I forgot to mention the encouraging scene I witnessed on Sunday. While waiting on the platform for the train to my mother's I noticed a couple of youths (how to determine their ages? I'd guess 15, but could be a year out either way) sitting on a bench with their arms entwined around each other.

They were deep in conversation, laughing and enjoying themselves, and when the train pulled in they got into the same carriage as I did. More precisely, I got into the same carriage as they did. They quite unselfconsciously continued to drape themselves over each other; one would rest his head on the other's shoulder, the other would wrap his arms around his friend. I didn't hear any of their animated conversation, but they were wrapped up in themselves.

The really nice thing was that no-one seemed to take a blind bit of notice of them. It was truly heart-warming.

Work stuff

Last night I stayed back to train MA and SL in the arcane mysteries of FDC (the new retrieval system which goes live next Tuesday). It all seems fairly straightforward, but I can't help feeling a sort of dread about the whole exercise. So much so that I woke in the middle of the night last night with my mind turning over all sorts of possibilities (and im-).

More training for JdL, LJ and JW this afternoon, including the wonderful new InDesign plug-in which allows us to export the text of Quark documents in XML -- straight into an FDC record. Everyone seems impressed; let's hope it stays all week.


This morning I visited the vampire at the Health Centre to leave a blood sample for my half-yearly tests: cholesterol, blood sugar, PSA and whatever else. Also booked in to see Chris in a fortnight, the earliest I could get. They are so busy there.


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