Monday, June 14, 2004

Happy Birthday to me

It's the Queen's birthday holiday so I decided I would take the day off to celebrate my birthday as well -- at least it's on the correct day. I also had last Thursday and Friday off which explains why I haven't posted for a while.

Last week's highlights were:
Angels in America on TV, which really impressed -- the performances were outstanding, and while it was a little long, I found it engrossing.
Dinner at the Carringbush with P&B, LE, DG and DR -- we had the best table in a very cosy room, right next to the open fire. Food was hearty, tasty and good and a fun time was had (I think) by all.

Saturday morning was the Farmers' Market at the farm -- I didn't buy much there, nor did I buy much later at the supermarket, as have appointments for meals all over the place: lunch at B&P's on Saturday was leftover chicken with preserved lemons (yum); then yesterday lunch at Mum's and dinner at Sue and Geoff McD's with DG. I feel as if all I've done over the last few days is eat and drink, and I'm ready to burst.

The weather has been cold and wet, but the heating is working away and it's quite comfortable inside; though it could be cold in the church for rehearsal.


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