Thursday, June 24, 2004

The end is in sight

My friends must think I have dropped off the edge of the world, but I've just been spending an obscene amount of time at work. It's been worth it; the new system, FDC, is running well and most feedback has been very positive. Even some unexpected people like it, so we must have got something right in the request for features. That said, I'm just about over it at the moment, and will be glad to return to normal working hours. I may sleep all weekend -- except for Sunday when I have to sing (Byrd four-part mass) then visit my mother.

The good part of it is that I now have almost a week up my sleeve in time to take when I need to.

Listening to: Schubert's Die Winterreise sung by Brigitte Fassbaender. This is not a work usually associated with female singers, but Fassbaender's recording is one I return to again and again. Magnificent.


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