Monday, June 21, 2004

Yesterday's Gloriana concert (Josquin, de Rore, Poulenc, Duruflé, Messaien) went wonderfully! It all went amazingly well; the Poulenc Mass came together beautifully and, while the Messaien took about a page to settle, it was a beautiful, quiet finish to the concert.

The audience was as appreciative as it was numerous; very encouraging to sing to such a group. We do a mass (in church) next week then it's on to the Handel.

Last night I went for dinner at LE's. Her friends Gary and William were there and through the course of the evening's conversation it turns out that Gary knows KM (currently in London) well. I was able to fill him in with the news of her move to South Africa. He'll be in London in late July, but I fear K&B will have already gone by the time he gets there.

Dinner, as expected, was delicious: lamb tagine with saffron rice followed by this year's favourite, poached quinces with panna cotta. A wonderful night.

In fact, a wonderful day.


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