Thursday, July 01, 2004


Life has remained hectic at work, as well as away from work. Still ironing out a few teething problems with FDC, but it has mostly settled down. Processing is still taking a bit longer than expected but this will improve as the processors learn more shortcuts and become more proficient.

On the social front I had a nice dinner on Monday with AB from FDC (keep up with the initials please) at the Carringbush Hotel, where I had my birthday dinner. Then Tuesday night was dinner for all Melbourne FDC people at the Pub at Crown; and lunch today with LG, AB and DL at Hanabishi - yum! Tonight I'm off to meet GW after work, then on to dinner with the German class in a Degraves Street dive. I'll have to watch out or I'll burst out of my clothes. Luckily I was able to put my feet up and relax last night, and catch up with all the telly I'd taped.

Listening to: Bevenuto Cellini by Berlioz. The wonderful Nicolai Gedda in Colin Davis' recording from the 60s(?). Still getting to know this work, but being a Berlioz fan I have really enjoyed it and will program it again soon.


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